Youth Social Parliament (YSP)


Interaction Across Borders

YTB invites you to take part in an online interaction across the borders experience.

The Youth Social Parliament is an online youth mobility program conducted by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB). It offers a platform, for the young people studying at universities in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Turkey, where they can join teleconferences held periodically around specific topics, suggest new teleconference topics of their interest, vote for existing topics, and experience social interaction with their peers from different continents.

Youth Social Parliament aims at strengthening the participants' communication with the youth from different regions so that they share different perspectives and raise awareness about current issues as well as improving their skills related to teamwork, self-expression, and debate techniques. They are also provided with an opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures. Rather than being a formal discussion platform, Youth Social Parliament sessions will be hosting wide range of entertaining contents created by the country teams inside and outside their campus.    

Application Criteria

  • Being aged 18 to 35,
  • Being a university student enrolled in undergraduate, Master or PhD programs,
  • Having a good command of English,
  • Being a citizen of and currently residing and studying at a university in an African, Latin American or Middle Eastern country (residency condition does not apply to International Students, it is enough to be a citizen of one of the countries located in specified regions),
  • Having good communication skills,
  • Having an interest for global and regional issues,
  • Having good teamwork skills.

Application Process

The applications will be accepted only through Youth Social Parliament website. In order to participate in a conference students must create an account at https://youthsocialparliament.ytb.gov.tr/Login/Index and upload necessary documents. The candidates will receive Approved Member status if their profile information is complete. 

Candidates who create their accounts and acquire Approved Member status can make an online application for any teleconference subject either as a Team Leader or a Team Member at https://youthsocialparliament.ytb.gov.tr/Home/Calendar.

Candidates can apply for more than one teleconference subjects.

Required Documents

  • Photograph of an identification certificate (ID card, passport, etc.),
  • A document proving that you are a student (student certificate obtained from a university or student ID card),
  • You need to enable location sharing during the account creating process so that the country condition can be confirmed.

YTB conducts an online pre-interview with candidates who found eligible to participate in teleconferences (Team Leaders) before the conference date in order to provide them with information about content. The English proficiency is assessed during the pre-interview. The participation status of the candidate is finalized as a result of this interview.


For more details regarding application please go to https://youthsocialparliament.ytb.gov.tr/Home/ApplicationRules

For inquiries, please contact us at youthsocialparliament@ytb.gov.tr

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