Anatolia Weekend Schools

Even in highly Turkish populated areas, Turkish Language and Culture classes often suffer from low participation rates at both local schools as well as Turkish weekend schools. Like other immigrant communities, Turkish children living abroad should also have similar mother tongue and culture courses readily available to them as well. And higher attendance rates will certainly help our children learn the Turkish Language.

Another positive contribution of Turkish language learning is to bring our children and young people together with our cultural and historical values. Our culturally aware young people will bridge the gap between Turkey and the communities they grew up in. This way they can contribute to the future of both countries.

It is very important for our young people to be successful individuals in the countries where they live, protect their cultural values and pass them to the next generation. Our young people that understand the cultural values of the communities they live and are equipped with their own historical and cultural bounty, will contribute more to both countries.

Within this framework, our institution has developed a support program called "Anatolia The Weekend School Program" to support learning of Turkish and Turkish culture in an effective way.



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