Citizens Abroad Scholarships

Citizens Abroad Scholarships Approximately 6.5M citizens who emigrated from our country stand out with their academic accomplishments as well as having an important status in the social life of their country of residence. Academics specializing in a variety of fields, contribute to the local community and also serve as role models in Turkish society. Turkish nationals excel in the Social and Human Sciences and present important data to the scientific world ranging from social engagement to health concerns. In this context, Turkish diaspora is positively affected by these developments in education and regularly engage in the cultural and social life.

YTB has formed its Citizens Abroad Scholarship Program to support our citizens participation and success in educational, cultural and academic lives in their countries of residence. Academic research projects are funded by this scholarship program. Priority of the scholarship program funds are given to those researching the social and economic conditions of Turkish diaspora. This scholarship program is designed to reward the scholastic achievements of Turkish nationals and enhance academic collaboration between countries.

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