Cultural Mobility

Our young population living abroad are in extensive interaction with the culture of the community they are living in through education. Their culture, identity and behavioral patterns are rapidly changing and evolving. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that our young population know and embrace our national, moral, historical and cultural values, and transfer these values to future generations; because cultural and historical disengagement and divide lead to several problems. It is a fact that especially new generations encounter with a number of personal and social problems such as identity and belonging as a result of this disengagement.   

In this context, YTB carries out studies and activities with the aim of helping young people become confident, successful, active and responsible individuals who have a sense of social and historical belonging and are engaged with the community they are living in. 

Our young population, who are closely acquainted with their culture and history and turn this acquaintance into a strong bond, will have the motivation to compete with their peers in every field and will be Turkey's pride and future abroad. 

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