The Next Generation Academy

Kardeş Topluluklar

The Next Generation Academy aims to enable young people from sister communities to actively participate in the social, cultural and political life of the countries in which they live, to use their knowledge and competences, to guide and increase their knowledge.

During the week-long program between 16 – 24th of November 2019 at Ankara and İstanbul, in addition to the training given in personal development topics such as leadership, participants are expected to be knowledgeable about variety of areas such as the Turkish foreign policy, the Ottoman Empire and Turkey's relations with the Muslim communities, contemporary Turkish and world history, international relations and social media. In addition to trainings, participants will visit some public institution and have cultural tours.

 “The Next Generation Academy” is a cultural education program prepared for this specific purpose.

For those who are eligible to apply will make their application by sending their application forms to nextgeneration@ytb.gov.tr mail address until 2nd of September 2019.

For the application form click here.

Seminar Topics

The training topics given in the “The Next Generation Academy” are as follows;

  • What is Diaspora?
  • Turkish Foreign Policy
  • Ottoman/Turkey Relations with Asia Pacific Countries
  • Turkey and Sister Communities
  • Leadership and Management
  • Social Media
  • Internet Journalism
  • Global System and the Next of the World


Cultural Programs

Apart from the training programs, the participants also attend the cultural programs in Ankara and Istanbul.

Some of the cultural activities are as follows;

  • Ankara and Istanbul City and Museum Trips
  • Classical Turkish Art Music Concerts


Citizens of the country or the community who can participate in the program

• Philippines

• Thailand

• Indonesia

• Rohingya Diaspora


Application Criteria

  • The applicant must be a student of or have a bachelor's degree from the following fields:
    • Internatinal Relations, Economics, Business Administration, Public Administrations, Human Resources and Management, Sociology, Psychology, International Trade, Turkic Studies, Public Services, Law, Theology and other majors related to Social Sciences,
  • To be born after 1983,
  • To be fluent in English,
  • Applications are needed to be done with the “Application Form” and applications filled by hand will not be accepted,
  • Applicants are to free to attach other certificates or files for further information.
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