Turkish and Education

In the 1960’s the labor force migration encouraged our citizens to go aboard and over time became permanent residents in their host countries. Together with family reunification and following generations, they laid the foundations for Turkish diaspora whose numbers today exceeds 6 million. Starting from the beginning of the immigration process, learning their mother tongue and the language of the host country has been on the agenda of our citizens. It was always a balancing act; trying to learn the language of their “new” country while trying to preserve their language and culture as well.

Education presents itself as a primary factor for our citizens abroad to participate in the social, cultural, economic aspects of the host country. The development of their mother tongue and foreign language skills of our next generation is beneficial as it enhances their educational opportunities and aids in their equally participation with society. A competitive education is both important for the countries they live and for their relations with the homeland. A prestigious educational background will offer our students better employment opportunities as well as a higher status in society. Education is a rite of passage for our new generation given to them by their blue collar fathers and grandfathers and has allowed them to ultimately participate in the society as employers and managers today.

In this regard, YTB works to support our children and young people abroad in school education, provide guidance to parents and develop language skills. We hope to encourage their academic development with higher education and help them become more well-rounded community leaders.

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