Turkey Azerbaijan’s Diaspora Institutions’ Cooperation to Grow

22 June 2021 Genel

The cooperation between the diaspora institutions of Turkey and Azerbaijan will be further enhanced and strengthened with the recently inked Shusha agreement, the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) stated on Tuesday.

The agreement provides the basis for more comprehensive and dense cooperation in the institutions’ activities within the scope of international law, the YTB said.

Through strengthening the cooperation between both countries’ diaspora, both will act together in the face of common challenges. The two countries’ diaspora institutions will also focus on the promotion of Turkey and Azerbaijan and will play significant roles in making heard historical realities to the world.

YTB head Abdullah Eren said, “We have carried out many examples of cooperation until today – ranging from education, history and culture – as the two countries’ diaspora institutions.

Noting Turkey's support of Azerbaijan during its 44-day war against Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Ereb stated that the YTB visited Baku during those difficult times in a show of solidarity. He added that he came together with the government committee responsible for the diaspora and its head, Fuad Muradov.

“We will contribute to our unity, which is displayed the best by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and (Azerbaijan) President Ilham Aliyev with the principle, 'One people, One diaspora.'”

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