YTB Visits Turkish Minority in North Macedonia

28 October 2020 Genel

The head of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), Abdullah Eren, visited Turkish villages in Radovis, a southeastern city of North Macedonia, and congregated with primary school students at a school.

Eren noted that 130 students from first to the fifth grade received their primary school education in Turkish.

“They receive Turkish education. They learn about their identity, core cultural values, national and spiritual values. These are our children,” he said.

The YTB ​​president said that there was a significant Turkish population in the region he visited, and he pledged YTB’s support with different projects.

“They are visible in politics, in civil society, they contribute to this country and therefore they have some demands. We came to this region to see their needs and examine the project we completed before. I hope we will increase our activities here,” he said.

Eren also attended a ceremony held in Skopje marking a book project by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

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